Mastering Deep Data Insights with Unparalleled Speed and Precision

In an age where information and trends become outdated faster than ever, our data platform offers instant access to accurate datasets to assist with due diligence and risk management in the investment sector.

LightRay is built for

*The platform brings large enterprise-grade functionality to funds from $100m to $10bn AUM

Family Offices
Private & Emerging
Markets Investors
Platform Features

Intelligence Hub - Scanning Multiple Parameters and workflows simultaneously

The industry as it exists today is a combination of disaggregated internal data and vendor purchased data sources that companies often manually tie together. LightRay combines these into a unifying DIY platform.

Court Checks
Ultimate Beneficial Ownership
Credit Check
UCC Filings
Tax Liens
Corporate compliance
Offshore Footprint
Social Persona
Adverse Media
PPP Loan Trace
And More
The Problem

traditional data
solutions are
Inconsistent & Slow

Knowing that decision makers priorities speed and efficacy, our platform is fine-tuned for streamlined extraction, rigorous validation checks and instant up-to-date feedback.

Our world-class datasets, rule engines and workflows have all been automated into one platform using the power of AI.

We understand that data visibility and integrity for investment managers has been inconsistent in the past, so we built a comprehensive data suite which has been engineered with the distinct challenges and aspirations of growing businesses in mind.


What Makes Us Different

Automated Platform with Global emerging
markets data

While many data providers still rely on time-consuming manual reports that can introduce human errors or biases, our platform is fully automated - offering automated workflows and proprietary datasets.

This means our process is not only faster but also more consistent, ensuring that decision makers receive accurate and timely data without any wait or inconsistency.

Combining Insights, External Data And Multiple-Functions

Insights, external data and multiple-functions are covered in one platform providing an all-in-one solution.

For those focusing on emerging markets, this offers a panoramic perspective that encompasses everything from business data forensics and network mapping to sales intelligence and competitor analysis.

All Secondary Data, No reliance on client provided

In the fast-paced world of investments, especially in volatile emerging markets, timing is crucial. We’ve rectified the issue of timing by delivering instantaneous global insights.

LightRay offers deep and granular insights into Global Data, including Emerging Markets data.

Enhancing Client Insight Through Comprehensive External Data

Client data can be shallow and outdated. Having all external secondary data ensures a broader, more impartial, and more up to date perspective.

This is especially vital for emerging markets where local, client-driven data might not capture the full picture and in some instances be delivered too late

LightRay Provides Horizontal data solutions across a multitude of categories
Network/Ownership Mapping
Global Datasets
Adverse Media
+ Many More
Our past work

How we’ve helped
decision makers

Strategically navigated emerging-market data to craft growth blueprints for the world's top coffee retailer, pinpointing new café establishments in Southeast Asia's burgeoning urban hubs.

Revealed the mirage of over 35% fictitious subscribers for a late-stage U.S. ed-tech company, triggering a crucial strategy reconfiguration ahead of its IPO.

Empowered a colossal enterprise SaaS entity, with a market cap of $100B, using emerging market insights to secure contracts worth more than $50 million.

Detected and rectified significant financial discrepancies within a $4 trillion fund manager's investment portfolio, leveraging the nuances of emerging market data.

Collated and analysed global consumer sentiments from 70+ social media platforms, using emerging market trends to guide Europe's leading beer brand in a landmark product launch.

Case Studies

Platform Case Studies

/ 001

CA Family Offices

LightRay was tasked with investigating a Bay Area company that had raised $25 million. Our role encompassed an in-depth exploration of the company's operations.

/ 002

T - Global PE Fund

Within a PE Fund, a large investment was made in a real estate fund with global operations. LightRay was able to help by investigating property data.

/ 003

A - US VC Fund

A VC fund wanted to perform a holistic risk assessment on an IPO stage company. LightRay was able to help with an investigation into their marketing vendor.