Tailored Data Solutions for Large Organizations

LightRay’s bespoke data solutions are engineered precisely for consulting, automation and managed services of large-scale entities.

The Problem

Trends and risk factors change which Affect Decision Making

Today’s information, trends and risk factors change constantly and are rendered obsolete faster than ever, which leaves organisations unable to get a clear insights to use for decision making.

Navigating the intricacies of expansive organisational data demands more than just standard analytics. It requires a meticulous synergy of multiple dimensions, comprehensive data lakes, unparalleled domain expertise and the power of AI.

The Solution

Helping solve unique problems

Industry Tailored

Our data solutions are tailored to resonate with the unique nuances of your organisation. We’ll provide invaluable insights which enable you to accurately perform due diligence for decision making, whether it’s to mitigate risk or carve a clear growth strategy.

Up-to-date Insights

With us, you can safely steer clear of outdated information that is still commonly used. With a much higher speed of delivery above industry standard, and external secondary data, you can ensure you’ll be getting access to the most up to date repository of information

Data For Decision Making

Our strength doesn't just lie in our speed or the depth of our datasets. Our true essence is the acute ability to assist you in solving any problem that requires data for decision making.

Accurate Methodology

We provide workflows and problem-solving tools to simplify big data, identify opportunities or hidden threats and risks. This enables you to model different pathways to build what-if scenarios for forecasting.

Coherent Narratives

We intricately weave our data into coherent narratives, connecting the dots between people and data to  empower organisations to wield decision-making with unparalleled precision. Our tailored solutions translate complex business challenges into actionable solutions. It's more than just sharing data - it's about architecting a foundation for decision making which is positively transformative.

Seamless Integration With Your Systems

LightRay’s tailored data solutions are a hybrid of consulting, automation and managed services. We seamlessly integrate our data and workflows into your systems so that they take advantage of better data.

Some of the many industries we serve include
Financial services
Real Estate
+ Many More
Our Experience

LightRay Case Studies

/ 001

International Investment Firm

Providing an advanced Portfolio risk solution for a global investment firm.

/ 002

World’s Largest Coffeehouse

Navigating emerging-market data to craft growth blueprints.

/ 003

Global Intelligence Firm

Helping international law enforcement agency with prediction of riots in MENA and LatAm.

/ 004

US Department of Health

Predictive model to forecast spread of diseases across US communities.

/ 005

Europe’s Leading Beer Brand

Using emerging market trends to guide Europe's leading beer brand in a landmark product launch.

/ 006

Large Enterprise SaaS entity

Empowering a colossal enterprise SaaS entity, to secure contracts worth more than $50 million.